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I've always loved traditional costumes with their glamorous ornaments and glamorous colours with their endless details, for me they were treasures that don't compare with all the great potential we have today and the diverse modern clothes that unfortunately lack spirit and emotion. Of course, I started from Yemen, where there are 185 different traditional costumes where, Yemen is a leading country and the second worldwide in terms of diversity in traditional outfits.


In Yemen, I discovered treasures, beauty and authenticity  that were and continue to inspire me. They made me feel that I'm on a mission , I have a message to show each country's diverse cultural beauty  and identity.


From Yemen was the beginning, because it was simply the source of our pride as women's from this country and an identity we all cherish. I believe it's time to convey it to the younger generations with a modern perspective. It's time for the world to see it all.


• In 2017, the beginnings was with traditional Yemeni silverware and handicrafts and then a  transition to heritage costumes, which came to light to captured the eyes of everyone who saw them , I was  surprised by the level of demand and follow-up that the online page had received since its inception, which encouraged me to improve and expand.


• In 25/1/2019 Arabian Luxuries participated in the  wives of Arab ambassadors Bazaar at the Rites Carlton – Kuala Lumpur Hotel at the request of the Yemeni Embassy . A Yemeni fashion show was presented and was well received by the guests. The group also participated in various bazaars and exhibitions in Kuala Lumpur, most recently when the ceremony host of the Hadrami Symphony wore one of our designs in the event held in Kuala Lumpur on 19/4/2019.


. The brand was registered in 2020 for an online store with a unique story of clothing bearing its own footprint, representing uplifting, luxury, and using the finest ores and many details.


. On 15/11/2020 Arabian Luxuries participation in the Global Village/Yemeni Wing in Dubai was successful and admired . Visitors from different countries acquired pieces of fashion for themselves and their loved ones for knowledge and to remember.


Arabian Luxuries


The designs derive their name from the masterpiece and quality of traditional garments in the Arabian region and aim to establish a modern fashion  that perspective and draws a spirit from rich heritage , that is compatible with modern and contemporary .Keeping in mind  the importance of high quality of all the products in order to please our gracious and unique customers.


Our designs are aimed primarily at reviving the heritage and highlighting the beauty and wealth of civilization and ancient cultures in the region, to restore the momentum and the rhythm of traditional dress and to integrate it with contemporary life by giving practical spirit to traditional clothing in line with different formal and social events, bearing in mind the importance of maintaining the pride, progress and sustainability of each piece.





Dress up with luxury ,That's our motto!


The culture of acquisition is totally different from the culture of buying, and I'm here to invite you to acquire what remains for generations and inherit, what satisfies your high taste and what makes you feel beautiful and proud at every moment.


Simply acquire luxury and I feel great with every piece made to survive and tell the story of a civilization.



Muna helal

Our Story

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