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Zanah Jerz
  • Zanah Jerz

    The Al-zanah Al-jerzz outfit is traditionally worn by brides during pre-wedding celebrations known as Al-dhebal or Nagesh. This outfit is characterized by exquisite embroidery and is often paired with a veil. The pre-wedding celebration takes place in the bride's home, where she sits adorned in the outfit

    The setting is adorned with beautiful Quranic verses embroidered on carpets and displayed on shelves alongside vases. The event is filled with music and dance, creating an ambiance reminiscent of the Arabian night. The celebration is a joyous and festive occasion, steeped in cultural traditions.

    Qamess Jerz (Jalabiya, the dress)
    Soumata ( headpiece)

    • Beige golden high quality banarasi fabric
    • Beige + golden mesh cloth
    • Gold ribbon ribbons
    • Accessory coins on the headpiece

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