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  • Gargush

    Gargush hand embroidered with threads and marj (small coral beads). The ends are made of pure silver

    Al-Gargush is a traditional garment worn by young girls in Sana'a from the age of three until their wedding day, when it is removed on the day of engraving, the day before the wedding day, or on the wedding night.

    Typically, a girl has two Gargush garments: one for wearing at home and another for going out. The home Gargush is lightly embroidered with coral or small-size coral beads, known as "meadow," and decorated with gold threads, with a thickness of about 2cm.

    This type of embroidery is called "Dodi," and exquisite designs are added to it using meadow stones or coral. Additionally, a silver triangular piece in the form of connected chains, called a "shield," is added. When the Gargush fabric wears out, the embroidery is transferred to the new Gargush.




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